Private Equity Holding

Private Equity Holding Ltd. is a private equity investment company and listed on the SIX Stock Exchange.

Private Equity Holding’s investment portfolio is managed by Alpha Associates. Alpha Associates is a professional manager of global portfolios specialized on private equity investments and the management of private equity fund of funds.

Private Equity Holding offers institutional and private investors the opportunity to invest in a broadly diversified private equity portfolio within a simple legal and tax optimized structure.

Private Equity Holding’s strategy includes:

  1. Primary private equity fund investments
  2. Acquisition of fund interests on the secondary market
  3. Direct co-investments

The shareholders of Private Equity Holding Ltd. indirectly participate in a multitude of companies. The objective of Private Equity Holding Ltd. is to generate long term capital growth for its shareholders through investment in a broadly diversified private equity portfolio and the reinvestment of portfolio proceeds, while also pursuing a distribution policy and therefore providing a regular yield to its shareholders.

Tax optimized structure

Private Equity Holding Ltd. is a stock corporation established under Swiss law. It is domiciled in Zug and benefits from its holding status in Switzerland. The investments of the Group are mainly made through its offshore subsidiaries.

One Share, One Vote

Private Equity Holding Ltd. has issued a single category of registered shares. This ensures that the voting power of each shareholder corresponds to the amount of capital he or she has invested in the company.


Private Equity Holding Ltd. is subject to the rules and regulations of the SIX Swiss Exchange. Private Equity Holding Ltd. reports to its shareholders on a monthly (net asset value), quarterly (quarterly reports) and on an annual basis (annual reports) and informs outside these reporting dates, as appropriate.

The financial reports of Private Equity Holding Ltd. are produced in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Fee Structure

ALPHA Associates (Cayman) L.P. provides investment and portfolio management services to Private Equity Holding Group for a management fee that is based 75% on total net asset value (1.5% p.a.) and 25% on the market capitalization (2% p.a.) plus 1% p.a. of the fair value of the direct portfolio. The performance fee is 10% of the increase in shareholders’ equity subject to a hurdle rate of 6% p.a. and High Watermark test.

Funds managed by ALPHA Associates (Cayman), LP (i.e. ALPHA CEE II and ALPHA Russia & CIS Secondary) are excluded from the net asset value for the purpose of calculating the management fee.

Private Equity Holding Ltd. pays a fixed quarterly service fee to ALPHA Associates Ltd. in the amount of CHF 125’000 for support services.